We teach, train and grow visual storytellers.

  • Multimedia


    Newhouse MPD visual storytellers learn to use video, audio, photography, design, animation and graphics to create powerful stories. Through partnerships and with artistic freedom, our students produce experiences that touch the hearts and minds across today’s varied marketplace. 

  • Photography


    MPD photography students can choose to learn the skills and thought processes that allow them to produce studio illustrations that compel and tell intimate stories that engage an audience – whether it be in advertising, film, journalism, fashion, music or non-profits.

  • Design


    Design is a powerful force that impacts consumers, trade, social ideas and political movements. MPD design students are strategic designers — those who understand the thinking and relationships that bridge technology, business and art — to create compelling and innovative solutions for today’s cross-media brand challenges.

  • The MPD department at Newhouse helped me become a storyteller. Everything we do communicates a story, and MPD encouraged me to be a better visual communicator — to design with emotion and empathy, purpose and feeling. What I learned being surrounded by friends and colleagues who produced remarkable stories, and professors who insisted we could always do better, pushes me to work smarter and think harder to this day.

    - David Miller, Senior Graphic Designer, Adler Planetarium