Newhouse Students Earn Multiple CPOY Awards

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Newhouse Students Earn Multiple CPOY Awards

We know how talented our community of Newhouse photography students are, but it doesn’t hurt to have them recognized by the prestigious College Photographer of the Year awards! This year Newhouse photography students earned six COPY awards. Only one other school in the world earned more awards in the still image categories. Congratulations to everyone!

Bryan Cereijo

Sports Feature, Bronze

Untitled | Duice poses for a portrait after boxing practice at the West Athletic Center gym in Syracuse, New York.

Bryan Cereijo

Domestic Picture Story, Award of Excellence

Rumble Young Man, Rumble | Lungz, Imari, and Cash all get ready to weigh in for their first Silver Gloves qualifying match at Rochester, NY.


Zach Krahmer

Interpretive Project, Gold

Members of the 18th Front | Panico, Deputy Commander of 18th Front

Aubrey Moore

Illustration, Gold

Untitled| A Self portrait taken at a 30 second exposure in attempt to get the charcoal feel of portraits from the past.

Xiang Wei

Portrait, Award of Excellence

Greg Heisler | Portrait of my professor, distinguished portrait photographer Gregory Heisler.

Cassie Zhang

Illustration, Bronze

Intertwined | We will find ourselves, understand ourselves, and embrace ourselves, in the thought of nature. (Created by Photoshop).